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Harry and Meagan


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Seems to me that the dummies have been spat out of the pram with these two.

She is a typical Yank desperate for any kind of publicity and he isn’t the man we all thought that he was and is being led by her like a glove puppet.

They make all these accusations but name no one and the Americans hang on to every word as if it was gospel.

She is a C grade actress and played up to Oprah doing just enough to tease the masses.

We are well rid of the pair of them, I just hope America doesn’t try to send them back cos I am totally fed up with the whinging bas****s

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Please remember that Meagan is a feminism (third-wave or fourth-wave) I think she is 3rd as 4th has only being going since 2012 and feminisms can be very manipulative.

Remember that the Queen & tax payer paid £32 million ($45 million) for the Harry and Meagan Wedding. William and Catherine only cost £25 million ($34 million)

And with all royal couples they were engaged for over a year (This is so the non royal in the couple has time to adjust to the new royal way of doing things)


The were people predicting some of this before the ring was even on the finger.


And then you get all the racism crap Meagan is NOT black she is mixed race (But it's convenient to forget half your heritage when your having a dig at half of it)


The bad bit about all of this is the are people losing/quitting jobs for blasphemy against Meagan.

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I suppose we have all had a mate that was out with you every night - then found a bird and just disappeared into the ether with her.


That's Harry.


On the nest every night, falling madly in love and sod the rest.


She's made him believe that he has escaped a regime to a better place.


The man was an army warrior - we've all seen the video where he was being interviewed at camp bastion and running off half way to join his men in some emergency or other.


I'm afraid the man has fallen for a vamp and all his sensibilities are out of the window.

Everybody can see it except him..


There is no hope - he's gone.




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The timing for it to be Hewitt is off. the are people saying they had known each other 2 years before Harry was born but the is no proof of this and remember princess Diana was the most photographed person in the world (at thhe time)

The first official meeting of Diana & Hewitt was when Diana was looking for a horse riding instructor for here two young boys to learn horse riding.

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