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And finally


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Well todays the day.


Finally after a lifetime of hard work (well sometimes anyway) I finally retire to a life of leisure


I finally reached my works retirement age and decided I have had enough so today I went for the last time.


I have a good works pension and a really great final salary package which will clear all my debts and leave me about £20 grand to enjoy the rest of my life with.


I must admit after being diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago I never thought I would get to see this day but here I am ..... cancer free and now in good health.


I came in from work today and my wife has pulled out all the stops ... balloons and banners all over the place, retirement cards and she has just informed me that the "kids" are coming to visit later and take me out for a meal and a few drinks


So tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life , no more clock watching or even wearing one lol,


I tell you all I feel absolutely great, bloody marvellous in fact





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Congratulations. I am always happy when I hear about someone retiring and being able to start enjoying the rest of their life. I have known so many people who have worked hard all of their life and didn't quite make it to retirement and that is just really sad. Retirement should be the reward for a long life of working. May God bless you with many more happy and healthy years with your loved ones and your friends. Have a great life my friend.



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What can I say???



Thanks a lot guys for all your good wishes


Just thought I would add that today I booked a months holiday in Benidorm in April so I am going to make good use of all the "happy Hour" events in the bars there


Needless to say I cant wait

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I never realised this place was so full of old codgers! hahaha just kidding!


Good on you Macs, there's quite a few people in this country that should take a leaf out of your book....i myself still have 29 years to go till i retire, and havent even started a pension yet, but by the time i do they'd have probably raised the retirement age...again.


Blimey...i've just realised i first joined here when i was a young whipper snapper......doesnt time fly, before i know it i'll be posting something similar about my retirement too!

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